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Aug 14, 2023

An Exciting New Merger to Increase Customer Service and Expand Closure Solutions

In an exciting development for worldwide wine and spirits, Maverick, the leading capsule manufacturing company for North America, has joined forces with Enoplastic USA to form Maverick Enterprise, Inc., a merger that solidifies its ability to provide superior bottle coverings and high-quality service for the alcohol beverage industry into the foreseeable future.

Maverick Enterprise, Inc. is part of the Crealis Group; eight expert brands specializing in foils, wirehoods, capsules and packaging design with 15 production sites worldwide.

According to Frederic Catteau, Maverick Enterprise, Inc.’s USA General Manager, the merger between Maverick and Enoplastic further strengthens the company’s position as the go to, end-to-end provider for capsule development throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

“We’re doing more than 1 billion units of closure and capsule manufacturing in this part of the world,” Catteau confirms. “In addition, we’re the only company doing U.S. production in tin capsules for premium wines.”

Headquartered in Fairfield, Calif., with additional facilities in Ukiah, Calif., Maverick Enterprise, Inc. is well known for providing customized, high-end solutions to the capsule needs across a wide spectrum of businesses in the wine, spirits and artisanal food industries.

With specialized expertise in the design and production of wine capsules, Maverick Enterprise, Inc. has long been the company of choice for vintners requiring high quality, functional capsules with aesthetic appeal.

Continued Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Maverick Enterprise, Inc., has a proud history of sustainability practices in recognition of the environmental impacts of doing business and in response to customer preferences.

“Our clients in the wine, spirits and sparkling wine industries are transitioning from PVC to PET materials and we are responding with a variety of sustainable options,” notes Catteau.

In addition to offering environmentally friendly closures for consumers, Maverick Enterprise, Inc., has a robust recycling program, the use of “green” inks, a practice of saving and reusing material for future jobs, electricity from renewable sources and its own fleet of delivery vehicles to increase coordination and efficiencies for deliveries. They have also initiated a major solar power project for their production site in Fairfield, with the goal to offset approximately 75 percent of energy consumption.

Expanded Product Offerings

Maverick Enterprise, Inc., offers unique designs and services for:

For information on product offerings and orders, please visit Maverick Enterprises Inc..

An Exciting New Merger to Increase Customer Service and Expand Closure SolutionsContinued Sustainability and Environmental ResponsibilityExpanded Product OfferingsTin capsulesPolylaminate capsulesPVC/PET capsulesCapASleeve™Screw TopsWirehoods and Foils