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Central Pharma sets up in

Jul 13, 2023

Following a successful application for a government grant, Central Pharma has installed an in-house recycling plant that can recycle all blister pack materials into a powder-based material that can be re-used to create new blister packs.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging is the preferred method of storing pills and capsules, due to its excellent preservation qualities, tamper evidence, and ease of tracking medication dosage.

Blister packs are a composite of PVC and aluminium, making them difficult to recycle, meaning billions of blister packs end up in UK landfill each year.

Central Pharma said this initiative aligns with WRAP’s 2025 Plastics Pact targets and provides significant carbon emission and energy consumption benefits compared to production of blister packs from virgin material, while also removing billions of tonnes of PVC (plus discarded medicines) from landfill.

Waqas Qureshi